How to make cat shelves

On the market today, there are many cat shelves with a variety of sizes, colors, and materials for families to choose from. However, their price is not cheap and not everyone can buy for their cats.

So, if you are a carpenter or someone who loves to design and create something yourself, why don’t you make your cat shelves for your lovely cats. That not only saves you a lot of money on buying shelves but also makes you unleash your creativity to make your home space more unique and attractive.

In this article, I will present some steps to create a cat shelf for those you want to be interested in. Let’s find out.

What you need is:

Shelves: If you want to make your shelves, try different sizes, like an 18 inch and a 24 inch. These are the two most common sizes that are used to make the best cat shelves. Besides, you can buy with 2×6-sized wooden boards from wood shops to create shelves.

L brackets: You need to equip an additional bracket for wood panels to make your shelf. I recommend buying L-shaped brackets to ensure the safety of your cat shelves.

Wall Anchors: When making cat shelves, you must not skip the preparation of wall anchors. They will help the cat shelf become stronger. You don’t need to worry about your overweight cats being unstable on the shelves anymore.

Tools: Screwdrivers, a drill, and a level

Carpets to cover shelves: For your cats to climb the shelves more easily, you need to equip carpets to cover the shelves. You should buy ones that have been cut into the small shape of squares so that it can be easily used later. Besides, you need to pay attention to choose carpet colors to suit your home interior.

Steps to make the best cat shelves

Having prepared the necessary tools and supplies now is the time to create your cat shelves. Follow the detailed steps below to create the most beautiful shelves:

Step 1: Attach the carpet to the shelves

Take the carpets you have prepared and cut them into small pieces to fit your shelf. Then you need to attach it to the wooden surface of the shelf. To prevent the carpet from falling out, You should nail the carpet to the wood. Besides, you can use a stapler gun and pin carpets to the wood.

Step 2: Place brackets on the board

To keep the shelves on the wall, you need some brackets. The l bracket is great for attaching cat shelves to the wall. First, you need to attach one side of the bracket to the bottom of the board with screws. You need to make sure the screw is not so long that it will pass through the wood on the other side. The longer part of the bracket needs to be in contact with the wall. And the shorter part is the part that attaches to the board. Don’t be mistaken.

Step 3: Apply wall anchors to shelves

If you are buying a regular shelf, the weight limit on the wall anchors may be too small to hold your cat. Therefore, when you buy a cat shelf, you check the shelf weight limit to make sure your cat is no heavier than the shelf weight it can hold. Specifically, you should buy about 50 pounds of wall anchors to better protect your cat and help them play on the shelf comfortably.

Step 4: Use a level before mounting the shelf

Before you attach the shelves to the wall, you need to make sure you align the shelves and brackets exactly where you want them. Specifically, you need to use a level to make sure the shelf is straight. Then you need to mark where the screws should be drilled into the wall. This step is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive. You should ask the help of family members to be able to complete this step as quickly as possible.

Step 5: Mount the shelf on the wall

After you have decided where you want to mount the shelf on the wall, now you only need to attach the other side of the bracket to the wall. Specifically, you need to use a drill to attach the wall bracket with anchors and screws. And make sure that you are using longer screws to mount the shelves on the wall.

In conclusion

Above are the detailed guidance for making a cat shelf. Do you find the instructions I give easily for you to follow?

You can do the same steps with the next cat shelves if you want to create more resting space for cats. Lastly, I thank you very much for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day.